Microsoft and the University of Washington are putting the finishing touches on smart contact lenses, that the former wants to bring to market “as soon as everything is ready.”

Before you get too excited, we should mention that these lenses aren’t quite up to beaming Angry Birds onto your eyeball just yet – they’ve an altogether more scientific use.

The contact lenses are designed to measure glucose levels in the tears and eye fluid of Diabetes sufferers. Type 1 Diabetes requires several checks a day, which at the moment is done via a needle. Microsoft’s hoping that these contact lenses could change that for good.

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The tiny glucose sensors on the lenses will talk wirelessly to a monitor or even a smartphone app, if the phone in question is up to the task.

All very humanitarian, but we can’t help but wonder how long it’ll be before more tech ends up being shrunk and stuffed into eyeballs? If nothing else, the fact that one of the world’s biggest technology companies is directly involved should point to a bright future.

Will we be tweeting and playing Plants Vs Zombies via augmented reality on our own eyes? If we do end up that way, you can bet that Microsoft will be behind it. Watch this video for the full lowdown:

Via GizMag

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