Samsung Smart TV is one of the key IPTV sets leading the way in terms of getting your humble glowbox online. But news from inside the Samsung camp suggests there’s about to be an addition that could change TV forever and ruin your wallet at the same time.

The news comes ahead of Samsung’s official showing at CES 2012. Word has it that an update to the Smart TV SDK will allow app developers to monetise their apps by way of advertising.

While this cold be as innocent as an onscreen ad buried next to a social networking feed, it could extend way beyond that.

Samsung Smart TV: What you need to know

The tweak will also let developers of video streaming apps embed ads that will let you make in-app purchases. So, imagine you’re watching a movie on 4OD, but you’re forced to watch a couple of adverts first.

If something takes your fancy, you’ll be able to buy it there and then through your TV with just the press of a button, since you’ll already have your card details wired up to Samsung’s Smart infrastructure.

While at the moment this will just be confined to ads built into Samsung Smart TV apps, it paves the way for a time within the next few years where live TV ads become web-enabled and allow similar instant purchasing. When that happens, kiss goodbye to your finances.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Smart TV apps are pretty poor. Wasn’t there supposed to be an update of the YouTube app that would enable 3D videos?

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