Family arguments are a Christmas occupational hazard. But rather than making like your fourteen year-old self and storming off to your room when your dad starts getting all adamant that it was Mick Jagger who did a Christmas duet with Bing Crosby, not David Bowie, use the power of tech to solve your quibbles. These apps will sort any arguments sharpish.

Shazam, Free, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian
The music discovery app is available on all major smartphone platforms and will definitively answer those inevitable arguments about who sung what tedious Christmas classic. If that seems too non-confrontational, you can always get your folks to use it to work out who penned a particular tune, while you try and work it out yourself.

Quora, Free, iOS
The ace question and answer service is available officially on the iPhone and has an unofficial Android add-on. Search for questions and find the answers immediately. It’s user-generated, so queries are constantly being added, so if there’s something niche you need to know, add it, sit back and wait for an answer., Free, iOS, Android
Don’t heave out your old OED this Christmas while playing Scrabble.’s ace app is ideal for proving your family wrong when they try to score extra points with dodgy spellings of lengthy words.

IMDB, Free, iOS, Android and Windows Phone
The movie database’s excellent iPhone app is chock full of content on pretty much every TV show and movie ever made. No more arguments about whether a fella playing a secondary character in Quincy also starred in a few episodes of Columbo, or having a blazing row over what year Home Alone 2 was made.

Skeptical Science, Free, iOS and Android
The number one candidate for when your curmudgeonly uncle who thinks climate change is ‘a big conspiracy’ comes over on Boxing Day. Skeptical Science debunks the most common myths about climate change and other big scientific topics, leaving you looking smug and your vanquished extended family members feeling foolish.

Wikipedia Mobile, Free, iOS
Don’t take everything it says as gospel, but Wikipedia Mobile remains one of the best go-to sources for online information about pretty much everything. Whether you want to know who finished third in the 1986 World Cup (France) or the date John Lennon died (8 December in the US, 9 December in the UK), it’s all here.

Calculator+, Free, iOS
Any extreme mathletes out there? If so, this app will help your prove any complex problems once and for all, leaving you looking like a genius among the lesser mathematical brains in your family.

Gutenberg Audiobooks, 69p, iOS
Project Gutenberg doesn’t have an official iPhone app. But if you need to find out who wrote what, then this audiobook add-on is free and will tell you the author of over 2,300 different classic titles.

Argument Organizer, Free, iOS
One for extreme argument lovers only. This app lets you organise your thoughts on a particular idea, pulling them together in one place as they occur to you. Be warned, this could lead to EastEnders levels of Christmas family warfare.

Allmusic by Rovi, Free, iOS
Like IMDB, but for music, this app has info on millions of artists and albums. If you want to know what track appeared on which Beatles album, or when the first Blur album was outed, then this is the app for you.

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