A pair of muggers targetting a university campus in New York have very fixed ideas about what consitutes decent tech.

Not content with robbing students bind, the thieves have been sneeringly disdainfully at non-Apple smartphones, turning their noses up at Androids and BlackBerrys alike.

Students at Colombia University in Manhattan have been warned to stay alert for the robbers, who are approaching people and demanding that they hand over their iPhones.

Several students have been held up by the pair, who have also stolen cash and other valuables. When faced with a BlackBerry or Android phone, however, the Fanboy Bandits (as we have just dubbed them. You can have that one for free, American telly) turned their noses up, often to the annoyance of their victims.

“It’s insulting they don’t want my BlackBerry,” one student told an NBC reporter.

Being mugged is no laughing matter and we hope the Fanboy Bandits (You see? Catchy) are apprehended soon. We do think this might present an opportunity for advertisers, however. If Samsung can go down the “The Galaxy S II – at least you don’t have to queue up” route with their latest ads, surely RIM could give “BlackBerry – at least you can save money on insurance.” a whirl for theirs?

[source: TUAW. Image: neko neko nya/Flickr]

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