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Facebook’s finally let its Timeline feature go live around the world, letting you access the completely redesigned profile page through a bespoke link, tinker with it and then set it live.

The one feature missing from Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is a record of your entire Facebook activity, organised on a sliding scale that goes way back to your birth if you wish, although that’ll require you to add photos and info in.

How to get it

The way Facebook Timeline’s gone live is via a notification in select user’s accounts. If you’ve not had one yet, you can still access it by going to and clicking ‘Get Timeline.’

From here you can add a ‘cover image’ delete or add things and then decide to set it live. If you don’t set it live yourself, Facebook will make the switch for you automatically in seven days.

  • Timeline Covers

    Nice article, just got timeline today.

    • mactoc

      Wp7 has failed evan Samsung Bada Outsells wp7

  • Jarlee_jar

     i need to get timeline! how do we get an timeline?

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