For better or worse, Microsoft is dead set on giving away free Windows Phone devices of late. It’s been bribing users of its mobile operating system to become sales people and win prizes, and now in its latest marketing stunt, it’s urging Android owners fed up with their handset to rip into it on Twitter.

Ben Rudolph, a Windows Phone evangelist at Microsoft, took to Twitter last night to kick off an interesting new competition.

“Share your android malware story…and you could win a #windowsphone upgrade,” he tweeted, urging irate Android owners to use the #droidrage hashtag. Rudolph isn’t saying just what free Windows Phone blowers he’s giving away, but we wouldn’t be surprised to find the Nokia Lumia 800 among them.

It’s an interesting move which could be seen as a desperate bid for more market share, or a clever marketing stunt depending on which way you cut it. Either way, Microsoft top brass endorses it: Microsoft’s own official @microsoft account has retweeted it.

At the time of writing there have been a few complaints, (“Fed up of my Android’s battery”, “my HTC droid’s built in alarm clock app decided that it will no longer make any noise”) although more tweets using the hashtag appear to simply be retweeting the offer, so if your Samsung Galaxy is doing your head in, it might be worth dropping Ben a line with your frustrations.

Will you be venting your anger to Redmond for a free Windows Phone? Let’s hear where you stand in the comments.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft.  How the once mighty have fallen.  Lame viral marketing tricks…

    And people wonder why everyone hates Microsoft and their products… Their products that can’t stand on their own feet are propped up by crap like this.

  • mactoc

    Wp7 has failed….

    Even Samsung Bada Outsells wp7

  • Garthb

    Clever marketing stunt?  Hardly … as a sales director, I was always taught to sell based on your product’s strengths and to never slag off the opposition. Clearly MS have a different way of doing things and this really smacks of desperation.

  • benjamin

    What happened to Microsoft as we used to know it? They used to show their advantages, be open. Now they’re copying Apple. Being closed (windows phone app store being the only app store windows phone), insulting the other companies (get a mac ads). If anything, these kind of stunts are what will push MS into failure. There are ways of selling your product without insulting other product users. Steve Ballmer: “You have to be an engineer to use an Android phone…” NO YOU DON’T. Sorry about that. Anyway. My aunt, who in general does not do much with technology, is using an Android phone, no problems. And when I’m saying she doesn’t do much with technology, I’m talking dial-up internet here. Remember those days? I used to love Steve Ballmer’s enthusiasm, but I’ve just about had it with him. He has to go.

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