Apple’s flash storage options look set to improve massively, thanks to inking a contract to buy Israel-based tech company Anobit. It’s a deal that could transform all of the company’s offerings, from iPhones to iMacs…

Anobit specialises in flash (solid state) storage – the kind currently found in the MacBook Air and the iPod and iPhone range. The company has a bespoke technolgy called MSP (Memory Signal Processing) which “significantly improves the endurance, performance and cost of flash storage products and systems.”

So why is this exciting? Apple’s just bought the company for an enormous $400 million (£256 million), giving it exclusive access to this proprietary tech, the results of which will be noticeable in Apple’s next run of hardware.

Have we unravelled Apple’s secret masterplan?

If Anobit’s tech makes it cheaper and easier for Apple to make flash storage units, which are infamously expensive, with more storage than it can currently, we’re going to be looking at super-charged Apple gear by the end of 2012.

On the lower end, this’ll mean iPods and iPhones with around 128GB of storage (bye bye iPod Classic?). On the more exciting end, it could see Apple ditching the physical hard drive altogether in everything it makes.

The MacBook Air turns on and runs instantly and silently thanks to its inbuilt flash storage, so the thought of that being the case in MacBook Pros and iMacs is pretty exciting.

One thing’s for sure: you don’t throw down almost half a billion dollars for a company if you’re not serious about its potential.

Via MacRumours

  • Karl Rainer

    Don’t particularly want components from Israel in my new laptop :( . Millions around the world boycott goods and services from the rogue state due to that country’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory. Clearly Apple have no qualms with this :(

    • Garthb

      Seeing as most components and products in general come from China (which has a dire human rights record), you won’t be able to buy much of anything from anybody! 

      • Anonymous

        An excellent point, sadly.

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