iPad 3 release date lined up

It wouldn’t be the start of a new week without another juicy morsel of iPad 3 gossip to get stuck into. Today, word is emerging from supply sources suggesting that the next-gen iPad will be on shelves by spring next year, with a March or April release date expected. Read on for all the details.

This latest iPad 3 rumour comes courtesy of Digitimes, which says it’s heard that parts makers have started delivering the new slate’s tech to assembly lines. Word is that iPad 2 production will begin to drop off in the next month, with iPad 3 rolling off the lines at the start of the New Year.

What’s more, Foxconn, the main contractor relied on for pulling together the iPad 3 for Apple, will boost the number of iPad 3s being made in February, allowing Apple to hold a keynote in March and release the device in the weeks after. Almost 10 million iPad 3 units are expected to be made in the first quarter of 2012.

Does a spring release date make sense? Tell us what you think down below in the comments.

Via Digitimes

  • Pvdale

    Same release window as always then!

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