The Amazon Kindle Fire has been hit by a string of nasty bugs, causing uproar amongst early adopters across the pond. So the online retail giant has confirmed that it’ll be releasing a special update for its budget slate, with the new software due “in less than two weeks”. Read on to see just what it’ll fix.

With browser issues, problems with a laggy touchscreen and all round performance woes, the Kindle Fire has copped a fair amount of criticism from users in the weeks since its launch. Amazon says any major niggles will be fixed by this new update, but is yet to officially specify which issues will be solved.

However, one insider says users will soon be able to tweak the homescreen’s recently used items list, a bugbear which has dominated criticism of the Kindle Fire.

Have you got a Kindle Fire yet? Has yours been hit by any of these troubles, or have you had a carefree experience? Tell us down below in the comments now.

Via The Verge

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