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Siri, the voice assistant for the iPhone 4S, doesn’t work with third party apps right now. Other apps can’t use it. Ask it to open Twitter, and it’ll refuse, even though it’s perfectly possible to send a tweet via SMS and Siri. That could be about to change though: new job listings reveal that Apple is hiring new engineers for a Siri API.

Two new job postings on the Apple corporate website call for iOS engineers to work on Siri. One is responsible for “implementing the conversation view and its many different actions” and requires the “ability to formulate and support a clear API is needed.”

What Siri responses say about version two

The other requires the applicant to work with other Apple teams “to enable access to their data and behaviors, and wire them up to your implementations. As a result, strong API design is needed to keep communications ideal.”

It’s further proof that Apple is planning on releasing a Siri API (Application Programming Interface) sometime soon. An API for third party apps to plug into was conspicuously absent at the iPhone 4S launch in October, and could greatly enhance its power and appeal. Imagine being able to tell your phone to check into Foursquare, or tell you the half-time scores at 3.45 on a Saturday using Sky News. The only question now it seems, is when.

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