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RIM’s BBX, the next generation of BlackBerry mobile and tablet operating system, is being forced to change its name by a US court due to its similarity to the name of a product owned by a separate technology company. We know; just as you get used to saying BBX, just as you’ve committed it to memory…

The new name for the OS is BlackBerry 10, or BB10. It’s all due to a tiff with Mexican tech company BASIS International LTD, who make software for Windows, Mac and Linux by the name of BBx (note the lower care ‘X’ there).

The court’s ruled in favour of BASIS, much to RIM’s annoyance. One thing to note about the name change from BBX to BB10 is that RIM seems to have skipped over a couple of numbers. The current BlackBerry OS is numbered ‘7’. What happened to 8 and 9?

Do BB products show that RIM is doomed?

The jump is either for RIM to state that the BB10 operating system will be a real leap forward, or it’s so that people will start calling it BBX anyway, thanks to the correlation in Roman numerals.

One thing’s for sure: if you’re going to launch a product to the world, make sure you’ve checked you can use the name.

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