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It’s another lazy Sunday morning, and as usual, we’ve gathered up the finest literature on the web for your eyes only. Whether you’re reading this on phone, tablet or PC, settle back and enjoy the most stimulating tech talk from around the web.

How Auntie covers Apple
A former BBC tech reporter explains just how the organisation reports on Apple, and why it chooses to give it the coverage it does. It’s a fair, revealing insight into how the Beeb works, and should shut any trolls up once and for all: Apple really does matter, like it or not.

The crazy master plan that could complete Apple’s mobile domination
Editor-in-chief James Holland’s been gazing into the tea leaves again. But what he’s seen is striking, and makes a lot of sense: could Apple really be planning to set up its own revolutionary mobile phone network?

How I went from mocking Twitter to dreaming in tweets
One writer’s addiction with the micro blogging service goes well beyond 140 characters. Is the character limit just a level playing field for narcissists?

How on earth do you escape a sunken submarine?
Answer: with an extraordinary amount of ingenuity, bravery and luck. It’s shocking to think that during the Second World War, it was simply assumed that when a sub went down, all hands would perish. Yet one soldier defied the odds, and evaded capture for years afterwards. Incredible.

Let’s get vertical
Here’s one for all you budding directors: a complete guide to shooting video in portrait. It’s something you rarely see, but chin stroking YouTube alternative Vimeo actually supports it, and has some great tips for shooting outside the box, or at 90 degrees at any rate.

Sky’s secret plans for your broadband
We sent our intrepid reporter Adam Bunker out to one of Sky’s secret data hubs, where all your 1s and 0s, Google requests and Justin Bieber videos are sent through. It’s a fascinating insight into how broadband works, as well as just how BT is getting on everyone’s nerves. Did we mention we don’t like BT very much? Just checking.

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