Spotify event: apps plans exposed

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Spotify is set to hold a much hyped event this afternoon in New York City. And while all the rumours have centred around talk of a new movie and video service, a new report suggests the music streaming types will actually reveal something a touch more prosaic: a new app offering that will tie into your existing playlists and the tunes you listen to.

The Wall Street Journal has the full skinny. It’s heard from “people in the music industry”, who say that Spotify will be getting “Facebook-style apps”. That means you could read reviews of albums while listening to them, or even buy gig tickets for bands you’re currently listening to.

Users will apparently be able to access apps on any Spotify service, whether it’s the free ad-supported version or the full-on Premium experience. Word is it’ll only play nice on the desktop, however, with no plans as yet for expansion onto the service’s smartphone apps.

If this pans out, it’ll be a bold move for Spotify, taking on iTunes and Google Music fully, while also taking aim at excellent apps like Songkick. Can it succeed? Tell us what you think down below in the comments.


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