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Spotify apps are here. We are through the looking glass: Apps within apps within apps. The Music streaming giant just hosted a press conference to tell the world it has now become a ‘platform’ for third party applications, rather than just an app itself. Read on, and see why it might be the best thing since Spotify first launched, or yet another library of software for you to manage by hand.

Spotify’s CEO and Founder Daniel Ek hosted the conference in New York to announce that third party apps from the likes of The Guardian, Rolling Stone, PitchFork and Last.fm, will be entering Spotify Software via a bespoke app store.

Apps will be made using JavaScript and run within Spotify via HTML 5. Once downloaded, they’ll appear tucked away in the left panel in line with your playlists, maximising to fill the middle space when in use. It’s up to developers as to what they can do with this tech, but apps at launch revolve around reviews and ticket buying, as well as an app dishing up song lyrics to accompany tracks from TuneWiki.

Ek said that he’s wanted “Spotify to be like water: available everywhere, seamlessly,” but that just being ubiquitous isn’t enough; by becoming a platform it can offer users much more in terms of music discovery.

We’re not sure if altering Spotify from a background app to a platform itself is entirely necessary, but it’ll be interesting to see which apps will change our mind on that one. Will you use Spotify apps? Or is the big green music machine trying too hard to echo the likes of Apple and Facebook?

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping for a bit more, I have to say. Between the growth of mobile and seamless sharing through Facebook, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I barely use the desktop client anymore.

  • Daddypig

    GREAT! Now how about an ipad app please Spotify

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