Flatscreen Apple TVs are coming, we’re all fairly sure of that. At some point this year Apple is likely to launch a range of flatscreen TVs with Apple TV functionality built in, but could the most exciting part be Siri integration? A new hack shows how it’s possible.

The hack in question shows Siri for iPhone 4S hooked up wirelessly to a media server system by the name of Plex. Using a tool called SiriProxy (which intercepts the data feed from Siri to Apple and puts it to use on your own tech) the hacked Siri is able to play select episodes or movies just by asking for them.

The Apple TV Siri hacks we want to see

While this is currently off Apple’s radar, you’ve got to think that if the functionality exists then there’s no reason why Apple wouldn’t put it into its upcoming flatscreen TVs. Just like with Kinect’s media skills, the ability to search for, play and control your iTunes movies and TV shows through voice would be a perfect utilisation of Siri’s intelligent voice recognition. Watch the video below and let us know what you think:

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