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The Apple Siri servers for the iPhone 4S have gone down, meaning that at the time of writing he/she is refusing to give any answers. The apologetic assistant is unable to do anything at present, including checking appointments, searching the web or making alarms.

A Twitter search reveals that the Siri network is down in swathes of Europe, as well as South Korea. Apple, obviously preparing for the worst, has imbued Siri with several different apologies ranging from “There’s something wrong” to “I can’t take any requests right now.”

This isn’t the first time Apple’s voice assistant has gone down; outages have been reported every now and again over the past few months, with no explanation as to why. There’s no word from Apple as to how long this Siri outage will last or what’s causing the problem, but we’ll keep you posted on Twitter, @electricpig

  • Mile L.

    Siri is still in beta, so not a problem… but my sense overall is Siri is a killer App like VisiCalc, PageMaker, Mosaic and iTunes… so hold on tight…

    • Anonymous

      You’ve got that right.  Siri is Jobs revenge on Google’s CEO when he sat on Apple’s Board and stole the iPhone’s iOS.  They kicked his rear out after that.  Siri will replace Google Search (ads $$$$) on all iOS devices and put a big dent in their profits.

  • Yacko

    Might be down for a server update or tweak.  You’d think Apple could say it out front, but I wouldn’t automatically assume a fubar.

  • Anonymous

    Why on earth does it need to call home to Apple every time you ask it something?  That is a far worse revelation than the mere fact that it’s momentarily down.  Now, I will definitely never use it.

    • Anonymous

      I believe what it does is digitize your voice and compress it then send that data to a central server which then does the heavy calculations to interpret and answer your request and send the reply back to your phone.

      • Anonymous

        Really?  My iPhone 3GS running iOS 4 could handle “Call Sandy” without having to go to such measures.

        Maybe that whole “dual core” iPhone thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be if it has to go to the Internet to figure it out.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, really. I haven’t tried it but I heard that if there is no internet connection you can still do simple things such as playing music without going to the server.

  • Riley E. Coyote

    I thought Siri was Tom Cruise’s daughter?

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