Fenton the dog (or Benton, if you’re that way inclined) has become an internet superstar this week, joining the ranks of such elite viral video canines as the stoned birthday dog and the one that enjoys a bit of skateboarding. The video that made him the an online hero has now spawned an inevitable flow of YouTube mashups, so we thought we’d bring you the best.

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Partial to listening to the calming sounds of a man chase after his wayward mutt as he causes a minor stampede? Click through the below for our favourite Fenton (or Benton) mashups, just before it gets too old.

1. Jurassic park

2. Bambi

3. Streisand

4. Grandma

5. Braveheart

The original and best
Not sure what the hell’s going on? Watch Fenton (Benton) in the original ‘Jesus Christ in Richmond Park’ YouTube sensation below, now with over a million views less than a week on:

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