Subscription gaming is coming to the iPad. Big Fish Games, a publishing and hosting company based in the US, has passed the rigorous Apple testing to become the first publisher to offer gaming through a monthly subscription on the App Store.

The idea works exactly like Spotify or, if you’d like a more similar comparison, OnLive. Big Fish Games will let you download the hosting app ‘Play Instantly!’ for free, and then take a monthly subscription of $5 (£3.21) to gift access to all of its games library at any point.

As with OnLive there’s a free angle, too, which’ll let you play any game for half an hour per day. It’s the first time this kind of service has landed on the iPad, and according to the company’s founder Paul Thelan it was a bit of a struggle convincing Apple that it would work.

Big Fish claims it’ll be porting it over to Android in 2012, but it’ll be interesting to see if its a model that proves successful. Big Fish predominantly deals in casual games, but the fact that the model has been approved by Apple means you can expect the big guns such as Gameloft to get in on the act vey soon. Mobile gaming is about to change yet again.

Via Macnn

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