Android netbooks were the news fodder we all dined out on before the march of the tablets came and rendered the diminutive laptops almost obsolete. If you’ve got one of the old Asus Eee PCs or one of its contemporaries and it’s bereft of use, you can now give it a bit of extra life with a new hack that lets you install Android Honeycomb.

The Android 3.2 hack comes from an initiative called Android-x86, which has been working on porting the Android open source code to different platforms. Now, through a few steps and downloads, you can run the tablet-friendly 3.2 version (or older, if you so choose) of Android. The Android-x86 coders are currently working on getting Ice Cream Sandwich up and running.

The guys behind this hack claim that they’ve had the most luck with Asus’ Eee PCs, but also suggest that it does work with any Windows-based machine. If correctly installed, the version of Android Honeycomb you’ll end up with should even include apps from the Android Market. Check out the video below for a thorough walkthrough:

Via Android-x86

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