If Samsung and LG have their way, CES 2012 will turn into the battle of the mega-OLED TVs. Rumours eminating out of both companies’ home country of South Korea claim that Samsung and LG are to debut 55-inch OLED TV sets at the Las Vegas show in January.

Traditionally, IFA in September is the expo that focuses more on advances in the TV market, but if the sources are to be believed the early debut of massive OLED sets is so that Samsung and LG can rush the devices out and into homes in time for the London 2012 Olympics.

OLED displays produce fantastic colour and uses a fairly low amount of power, but have always been expensive to produce on a large scale. The most infamous of them to hit the market in the last few years was the tiny OLED Sony XEL-1. It was only 11-inches, but still would have set you back £3,489.

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If new Samsung and LG OLED TVs are destined for a CES 2012 launch, it’ll likely be due to new techniques in producing the displays, although details are thin on the ground and the translation from Korea sketchy at best. Apple is rumoured to be bringing a large OLED Apple TV set to market later this year, so LG and Samsung may feel as though they’re in something of 55-inch OLED TV race.

Via ETNews

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