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Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 is only available on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus right now, but the source code was made opened up to all last week. Right on cue, the folks at XDA have plucked out the updated Android keyboard app and slapped it up on the Android Market: come check out what’s new with this QWERTY right here.

The enterprising chaps at XDA Developers have just released an APK of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard, which requires no root, and should run on any Android phone running 2.2 or up.

We’ve just given it a whirl on a Google Nexus S, and it seems a great improvement on the already excellent Android 2.3 keyboard. The keys look ever so slightly larger, noticeably less laggy, and you can now long press on the auto-suggestion words to see many more instead of having to drag across right.

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It’s too early to say, but perhaps one of the biggest improvements can be found in the settings: the Android Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard bases its auto-corrections and suggestions based on the previous words you type: it’s context sensitive, in other words.

While this is an unofficial app, there’s only one caveat we can see: the microphone button is missing, presumably since only Ice Cream Sandwich phones can make use of the new realtime voice dictation it offers. You can download it now at the link below: just turn it on under Language & Keyboard in settings.

(Android Market via XDA Developers)

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