The Amazon Kindle Fire only hit US shelves last week and hasn’t even been slated for release in the UK, but already attention is switching to a beefed up 8.9-inch version of the online retail giant’s slate. Reports are emerging that Amazon will unleash the Kindle Fire 8.9-inch at the back end of Q2 next year, meaning we could see it as soon as June.

There has previously been chatter that Amazon was looking to wade into a direct fight with the iPad with a 10.1-inch design. However, supplier sources have said that Amazon has plumped for an 8.9-inch model in order to carve its own niche and not go directly up against Apple’s slate and larger Android tablets.

LG and Samsung are said to be supplying the displays for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire, while Apple’s favoured assembly types Foxconn will bring the parts together during the second quarter of 2012.

Holding out for a bigger Kindle Fire? Or all set to pull the trigger on the 7-inch effort when it launches over here? Let us know now in the comments.

Via Digitimes

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