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The internet’s an odd place full of scary things defiant of all known logic. Tumblr, the photo and video blog hosting site, is stranger still if you look at how little of its output can actually be classified as morally or mentally sound. i.e. Here are the Tumblr blogs that you need to submit your brain to, in order to say you’ve lived – including a brilliant one of FIFA’s headline-storming Sepp Blatter.

Be warned: Once you’ve seen them, you can’t unsee them.

1. Black and WTF

Ever since the dawn of photography, people have been dicking about in front of cameras and doing things that defy explanation. Here’s a collection of vintage oddities that’ll have you questioning your every notion of what ‘the olden days’ were like.

2. Panda loves to party

We were under the impression that Pandas were dying out. Apparently not. There’s certainly enough of them knocking about to warrant the reams and reams of images of them enjoying birthday cakes, as found here.

3. Tom Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Does exactly what it says it does, really, although no human on Earth is entirely sure why. One thing’s for sure: it’s an alarmingly manly set of images.

4. Kim Jong-Il looking at things

The immortal, born-under-a-rainbow leader of North Korea apparently leads a very similar existence to our queen – one of being led by the hand around boring buildings and told to look interested.

5. Garfield minus Garfield

Take the orange cat out of the infamous comic strips and you end up with an unsettlingly sad study of the desperate, emotionally fragile life of Jon Arbuckle.

6. Walk

AKA: Too big for a stroller. A look into the mystifying world of parents who push their children around in push chairs well after they’ve grown the ability to walk and, in this case, read the bloody newspaper.

7. Soviet postcards

Charming, boring, touching and baffling postcards from the late Soviet Union. Like most post cards, they have the mysterious power to make you feel oddly melancholic.

8. Awkward stock photos

You’ve got to question the thought process of the people who set these photos up. ‘This’ll definitely get used somewhere,’ they told themselves, as they made people shout into their irons.

9. The many cum faces of George Osborne

Pretty self explanatory, really. We can only apologise for the fact that you’ll see this image whenever you close your eyes from now on. If you like funny faces, check out our Microsoft keynote funny faces gallery.

10. Scanwiches

Cut your lunchtime sarnie in half and take a scan of the resulting cross-section. Simple. There’s something immensely satisfying about the neatness on show. We’ll update you when we know what.

And a bonus one…

Sepp Blatter with black people

OK, so this is technically a WordPress site rather than a Tumblr, but we thought we’d better lay this one on you merely because it’s amazing. Sepp Blatter: not a racist, ladies and gents.

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