Nokia’s Snake, the classic mobile phone game, is dead. This morning we brought news of a playable version of Snake that’s taken over MSN’s homepage as part of the campaign for the new Nokia Lumia 800. In that piece, we mused that the classic game could be making a comeback on future Nokia Windows Phone handsets. Not so…

Play Nokia’s Snake online for free

“We aren’t actually re-launching Snake,” was Nokia’s response. While the early 2000s favourite is described by its parent company as an “iconic, instantly recognisable” game, it seems that this advertising ploy is where the Snake buck stops.

Are you upset that there’s no plans to bring Nokia’s Snake back? Formulate your petitions in the comments section below.

  • Larry Stevens

    I’m gonna miss that classic game. I can still remember it’s the only game I would play on my Nokia phone.

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