The Boxee Box media streamer has added a new string to its bow in the US, by unveiling a branded Antenna add-on that’ll bring content from some of the biggest American networks to the device with no monthly subscription.

The Boxee Live TV Stick is a dongle that gifts US customers access to ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in HD with no monthly fee. That’s a pretty amazing deal considering its $49 (£31) price tag. Boxee suggests that US cable customers sick of incredibly high monthly subscriptions are scared to leave their packages due to a “Lack of live sports, local news, special events and live TV shows,” which is a gap that the Boxee Box Live TV Stick aims to bridge.

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There are no plans as yet to launch the device in the UK for Boxee Box owners on these shores, but it’s certainly something that Apple, and to a lesser extent Sony, should keep an eye on. Apple TV is currently no replacement for a package like Sky that combines broadcast TV and on-demand content.

Apple may well look to infuse its TV offering with broadcast content in the near future with an Apple-branded TV, but it’s unlikely to be as generous as Boxee and do so without subscription. Want the Boxee Box Live TV stick in the UK? Let us know below.

Available January (US and Canada-only) | $49 | Boxee

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