Google TV hasn’t exactly had the most auspicious of starts. And just a year after Logitech revealed its Revue, the first set top box to use the Big G’s web TV platform, its CEO has said the device is being scrapped. Why? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

The death of the Logitech Revue doesn’t come as a huge shock. It failed to sell well in its first few months, while Google TV has struggled to get itself noticed. At an investor day, Logitech chief Guerrino De Luca said he wanted to end the “Logitech Revue saga” and that once stock was sold there would be no follow-up.

Warming to his theme, De Luca turned his ire on Google’s platform. “Logitech Revue was launched with some, I wouldn’t call it ‘beta’ properly, but software that was not complete and not tuned to what the consumers want at the living room, let alone all the issues with content delivery.”

He was referring to a failure to deliver a decent array of apps and the cold-shouldering of the service by fearful execs at the major movie and TV studios.

He did say he wouldn’t rule out returning to Google TV in the future, but with only Sony shipping TVs using Google’s web TV portal, the service is really starting to look compromised. How this affects UK launch plans next year remains to be seen, but with a lack of support from Hollywood and major TV channels, would you stump up for a Google TV device? Tell us now in the comments.

Via Electronista

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