Amazon’s clearly not happy simply taking on Apple with its Kindle Fire tablet and slew of content services. The online retail colossus has snapped up a voice recognition company called Yap, with rumours flying that this could be the company’s first step towards taking on Apple’s Siri app, found on the iPhone 4S.

The deal has not actually been announced officially and was completed back in September. Yap is said to have merged with a firm dubbed “Dion Acquisition Sub”, which is registered at an Amazon-owned address in Seattle.

Word is that while Yap was always a basic beta voice-to-text offering, the company had actually developed a lot more innovative tech which was never publicly released. How it would integrate with Amazon’s kit remains unclear, but it’s easy to assume that this will wind up as a search tool on the Kindle and Kindle Fire. Imagine being able to dig out books, by title or author, just by speaking into your slate.

Is this a wise move by Amazon? Or should it let Apple and Google battle it out in the voice recognition stakes? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Via The Atlantic

  • Online Póker

    Voice recognition on the iPhone is absolutely dismal… good luck to Amazon…

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