The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime was supposed to launch tomorrow, 9 November. But reports are emerging from Taiwan that the PC giant has decided to delay the device until December. But it’s got a decent explanation. See, Asus wants to release the lightning-fast super slate with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, rather than a build of the old-school Android Honeycomb.

The move comes after Google apparently stepped in and said it would help Asus load the Eee Pad Transformer Prime with the latest version of the software. The Big G had apparently not been keen to lend a hand to Asus, prompting it to start talking up Windows 8 tablets as a future alternative.

While the delay is annoying for those looking to get the quad-core packing tablet straight away, it at least means there’ll be no issues while users wait to unlock the device’s full potential via Ice Cream Sandwich.

Gutted? Or happy to hold out and get an Eee Pad Transformer Prime once it’s properly fixed up with the latest edition of Android? Tell us down below in the comments.

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  • Paul_London_UK

    I’m a little gutted here in the UK as I’ve already read reports that Europe may not get the Prime until January 6th and this set back may mean we have to wait even longer in the UK. This was meant to be my Christmas present from my partner!

  • Anonymous

    Wise move.

    In this rubbish and lazy world of online journalism, things only get looked at initially at launch and never revisited.  Look at some games that have been vastly revamped during their lift (GT5 for example), yet their reviews remain the same.

    If Asus launched this with Honeycomb, that’s what all the reviews will rant on about and underscore because of it.  However if they delay it and launch it with ICS, it’s a whole different ballgame in the review stakes, despire it being exactly the same product and the reality being that all users will upgrade.

    You can thank yourselves for the delay.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the logic behind this. Either release the tablet tomorrow and release the update in a month, or release the tablet in a month with update pre-installed. Either way you get ICS in a month, but the actual tablet has one month less on the market. This means when the Transformer Prime is actually released, the quad-core tablets from the other OEM’s won’t be very far behind. I was going to buy this tomorrow, but a month from now there might be other, better, options from the other OEM’s and I might buy their product instead. Bad move Asus.

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