Asus’s top exec, Jerry Shen, has never been shy in coming forward with bold predictions. But his latest may well be his most outlandish yet. See, he’s claiming that Windows 8 will win out in the tablet wars with Apple’s iPad. This despite the fact that Windows slates aren’t expected until late 2012, and while his own company are peddling an increasingly smart line of Android slates. Read on to see just what Shen had to say.

Speaking with Digitimes in Taiwan, Shen said that Windows 8’s ‘familiar user interface’ would lead to a huge shift in the tablet space, with iOS being beaten down by the Big M’s new look OS.

This seems rather strange considering Windows 8’s UI is anything but familiar. It’s undoubtedly sleek, but is completely different to previous iterations of Windows and lacks the familiarity that consumers currently have with the rampant iOS platform.

Aside from this left field assertion, Shen also said that having shifted 1.2 million Android-packing Asus Eee Pads so far, the Taiwanese tech titan would be rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to its slates in early December, including the forthcoming Transformer Prime.

That’s great news. Perhaps Jerry and co should stick to making slick Android kit rather than making predictions that seem unlikely at best.

Via Digitimes

  • Anonymous

    This will only work if you can resize some of the non live tiles, just look at the Store tile it is massive & does not show anything other than an icon.

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean. While I like the Metro UI, I do take umbrage with Microsoft making out that it provides all the information you need at a glance. It doesn’t. It’s just big icons with notifications, and maybe a rolling headline if the app developer can be bothered. But probably not.

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