Nokia’s new Lumia 800 might have cornered all the Windows Phone headlines this week. But Microsoft has got some more big news concerning its mobile OS. It’s just revealed that all compatible Windows Phones can now get its Mango update, just a month after its release. Read on for all the details.

Taking to the Big M’s official mobile blog, Customer Experience Engineering General Manager Eric Hautala announced that the Mango update had gone swimmingly. “We’re now delivering Mango to 100 percent of eligible phones around the world, regardless of carrier,” he said. That means that any phone listed by Microsoft as in testing or scheduling will work with the upgrade.

On top of that, Microsoft has said some Windows Phone Mango handsets will be getting additional firmware, depending on which network the device is on.

This is a huge deal for Microsoft, especially after its iterative software boost released earlier this year ran into a heap of problems. It should also give it ammunition in its battle with the oft-fragmented Google Android.

(Homepage image via WP7total)

Via Windows Team Blog

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