Siri on the iPhone 4S has got everyone jabbering about mobile voice search and control. Apple’s natural language interface may be the most intuitive we’ve seen so far, but Google’s voice search for Android is still mighty impressive: to prove the point, Google’s released a series of videos showing it working with thick accents in the unlikeliest of places – even under the ocean.

In a series of videos released this week, Aussie Google engineers are shown testing voice search on Android phones in the outback over a distance of 50 metres, and even underwater at the Great Barrier Reef. The search giant says the aim is to show Australians the power of voice search due to its unpopularity down under, though we don’t for a second imagine its timing so soon after the release of the iPhone 4S is a coincidence.

“Siri, can you do these stunts?”

(via Google Mobile Blog)

  • Colleen Russell

    Pretty impressive especially that one where they tried the voice search underwater. Google believes that with your phone, you do it to communicate with other people and not with it; at least that’s the case with Siri to which Google isn’t happy about.

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