The release of Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS is enough to get us excited all over again about Ninty’s struggling 3D handheld hub. But chuck in a bizarre peripheral, and we’re completely and utterly sold. See, Nintendo has pulled the wrappers off of a new steering wheel add-on for its dinky console, aimed at making Mario’s next racing adventure even better.

The new Nintendo 3DS steering wheel has been given the official nod in Japan, although it’s yet to be confirmed for release on these shores. Gamers who wants to ditch the 3DS’s standard controls for something a little more off kilter will need to stump up just over a tenner for the privilege.

The amped-up shoulder triggers on this steering wheel should ensure you can easily fling Mario, Luigi, Bowser and a host of others round corners with ease. Of course, it’s more than a bit of a gimmick and we know the Wii’s equivalent is a monumental pain in the back side to use, but it’s still great to see Ninty’s got a sense of fun.

Via Andriasang

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