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UPDATE: The Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer is live!

Grand Theft Auto 5. You know you want it, and know we finally know it’s coming. Perhaps in timing to celebrate the tenth anniversary of GTA 3, the first 3D game in the infamous series, Rockstar Games has just changed its homepage to this teaser, promising a Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer on Wednesday 2 November.

Other than a report confirming Rockstar founder Dan Houser is working on Grand Theft Auto 5, this is the first confirmation that the game is coming. Grand Theft Auto 4 was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008 to wild critical acclaim, selling six million copies.

What do you think we’ll see in Grand Theft Auto 5? Let us know your wish list in the comments.

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  • Anonymous

    Hoping for PS3 exclusivity, i’d hate to see the series held back again by the Xbox’s lack of standard HDD and DVD9 limitations…

  • christian oliff

    Could it be set in London? Hope so.

  • Alexander Gebhard

    i have an xbox 360 hope it s coming to it but ill buy also a new pc for it… but i won t do anything if it isn t in todays time 2005-2012… don t want 80s/ 90s back. and to the london poster… i don t think so .. look at the banner “five” looks like something with gangs (san andreas) … 

    • James Holland

      I agree… although the V is very prominent, and the green pattern seems like a dollar bill. Vegas, anyone?

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