Siri’s split opinion in the UK since it arrived as the iPhone 4S’s headline feature just two weeks ago. The ‘voice assistant’ feature is undoubtedly fun, but sadly lacks key features on these shores. And such niggles have led a senior Windows Phone exec to slate Apple’s new voice recognition software. Read on to find out just what he had to say.

Andy Lees, the Big M’s Windows Phone President, didn’t mince his words when asked about Siri at AllThingsD’s AsiaD conference in Hong Kong. He claimed that the service wasn’t “super useful’, something which us Brits can certainly relate to in light of Apple’s failure to fully launch maps and information features for the app in Blighty.

He went on to claim that using Siri wasn’t practical to use in public situations, and that this wasn’t an area Microsoft was interested in getting involved in. He also took a swipe at Apple for not using “the full power of the internet” to back up Siri.

Windows Phone does have voice recognition smarts, but if Lees’ comments are anything to go by, Ballmer and co don’t reckon that this is the smartest area to take on iOS. Lees also took time to slate Android for being “too techie”, while talking up Windows Phone’s sales figures in its first year.

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  • Johngreen

    Just like the launch of the iPhone… then the iPad.. Microsoft just didnt ‘get it’! And they said so at the time.

    I’m pretty sure they will be eating their words in a few months time, and rushing to get their own Siri launched.

    • Rich Steward

      I wouldn’t say so, Windows Phone Mango has voice capabilities built in like speak to text and voice search with bing. Reading the full article on All things D he slates its usefulness in public situations and commends its use in a car when driving. Something not mentioned here. What Andy Lees is saying is that the other capabilities of Siri like asking it stupid random questions aren’t relevant. I would want to walk around with my iPhone 4S asking it things in public attracting attention to myself. Thats just asking for it to be stolen. Microsofts TellMe voice capabilities are just as good as Siri is at picking up what you say. Having both Windows Phone Mango on a HD7 and an iPhone 4S myself I agree with the FULL outcome of the interview. 

  • casandrasdream

    Wp7 is the biggest flop ever

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