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UPDATE: A reader tells us Spotify for BlackBerry works just fine on the Bold 9900 BlackBerry 7 phone also. Thanks Chrism!

Spotify for BlackBerry seemed like it was never going to happen, but then hey, not so long ago, so did a Stone Roses re-union. At long last, the Swedish music streaming start-up has just released a preview build of it that anyone can download, and it promises all the typical Spotify mobile features, including offline playlists, search and scrobbling. Naturally, you’ll need a Premium subscription to use it – but also the right BlackBerry.

About time: RIM desperately needs a win, and Spotify’s superb service is surely that. There are however a few catches. Spotify for BlackBerry only works on GSM phones (So some American users will be out of luck), and it’s only been tested to work on a few handsets: the BlackBerry 9780 Bold, 9700 Bold, 9300 Curve, original 9000 Bold and 8520 Curve.

That means any ‘Berrys rocking the newer BlackBerry 7, or the touchscreen Torch and Storm phones are bang out of luck for now – although astute readers will notice that two of the BlackBerries in the press image accompanying the announcement run BlackBerry 7.

We’ve asked Spotify for clarification: it isn’t saying whether extra support will be added soon, but does say that the app will be released when it moves out of beta onto the App World. In the meantime, get stuck in at the download link below and let us know how you get on.

(via Spotify)

  • chrism_scotland

    Works fine on my Bold 9900

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Chris!

  • chrism_scotland

    I get a few error messages on OS7 but just clear them, works great! 

  • chrism_scotland

    I get a few error messages on OS7 but just clear them, works great! 

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