Clarkson satnav banned by the BBC

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The BBC has pulled a U-turn on the TomTom Go Live Top Gear edition with Jeremy Clarkson’s dulcet tones acting as your guide. Stock has only just shipped, but already the device has had to be pulled, after it became clear it went against Auntie’s editorial guidelines.

BBC Worldwide has pulled the device after the corporation found that Clarkson’s voice on the satnav could be seen as endorsement of a motoring product – Clarkson is not allowed to do this as part of his role on the hit auto show.

TomTom had reportedly already shipped 54,000 units of the £179 TomTom ft Jezza to stores before the deal was even finalised. These will be sold normally, and the Beeb has said all profits will go to Children In Need.

Out Now | £179 | TomTom

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