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Siri iOS voice control is due to undergo a baptism by fire when the iPhone 4S goes on sale tomorrow, but we’ve already seen just how impressive it is. What might surprise you, given Apple’s typical straight-faced attitude, is just how much of a sense of humour it seems to have, coming right back at you with quirky responses and quips to, er, “unusual” requests. Inevitably, a hilarious Tumblr blog has sprung up to record them all.

Called Shitthatsirisays, it’s a collection of all the most bonkers responses Siri comes back with. The cloud powered voice assistant for the iPhone 4S appears to have quite a few responses to the meaning of life, but our favourite ones are those that indicate somebody at Apple (or Nuance) has a devilish sense of humour.

Ask it where to hide a body, and Siri suggests reservoirs, mines and metal foundries, while informing it that you’ve got the horn brings up a list of nearby escort agencies. And there we where thinking Apple was the champion of anti-smut.

We’ve included a few of our favourites below (largely courtesy of This Is My Next), and you can see more at the source link.

(via Shitthatsirisays)

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