Over the years, Facebook has half-heartedly tried to incorporate elements of Twitter into its social network, from @mentions to controversially making users’ updates and profiles public. With its latest feature, Facebook Subscribe, its efforts have become a bit more sincere: this provides an efficient way to “follow” people you aren’t friends with, and see what they’re up to.

Appearing in the top right of a person’s profile is a new button, Subscriptions, that lets you receive updates from willing strangers. For instance, right now, you can subscribe to Digg’s Kevin Rose, and select whether to see all updates, “important” ones such as relationship changes, new photos or even mere game alerts.

Several other notable Silicon Valley figures are already offering subscriptions too, including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and we can see this becoming another means for celebrities to provide a forum for interaction with fans.

Of course, given the public feather and tarring Facebook has received in the past for making features opt-out rather than opt-in, Subscriptions is entirely the latter. But if you want to start building up a brand for yourself, you can do so right now: Facebook Subscriptions began rolling out last night.

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