3G iPod touch launching this month? 3G iPod touch launching this month?

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Sure, it sounds crazy, but the more we think about it the more truth there could be in this: Rumours suggest Apple is preparing a 3G-capable iPod touch for launch before the end of this month.

It’s sure to cause rounds of scoffing and claims of the new iPod touch being “an iPhone without the phone”, but isn’t that exactly what the iPad already is, on a larger scale?

Such a move would also let Apple leverage its new iCloud and iMessage services amongst iPod owners, and with a few pay as you go iPod deals in place, we think it’d be a goer. What do you think? Are we really on the verge of seeing the fabled iPod Cloud, as predicted by us back in May?

(Via MacRumors and AppleNapps, although the image is all ours)

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