BitTorrent Inc, the company responsible for the BitTorrent protocol and technology favoured by music, video and software pirates all over the world, has never publicly condoned their illegal actions.

However, these newly-discovered ads appear to take a swipe, quite literally, at Apple and iTunes. Never before seen, they were scripted by Alvir Navin, brother of BitTorrent Inc’s co-founder Ashwin Navin, and for the first time put forward the company’s own view on their digital rivals.

Revealed by TorrentFreak, they ape Apple’s own Get a Mac adverts from 2006. However, rather than highlight an operating system or hardware, they go head to head with iTunes, pointing out that BitTorrent gets quicker, the more popular content is.

The ads stop short of mentioning the sort of content you can download using the technology, but by aligning themselves with iTunes, seem to infer that everything available there is also available through BitTorrent. It’s a fine line, but one the BitTorrent guys stay just the right side of.

See more ads (there are three in total) at TorrentFreak.

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    “Pirates” is such an ugly word… “Filesharers” if you please! BitTorrent isn’t just used for illegal purposes either!

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