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Our favourite device of the show is unquestionably the beautiful Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. But our second? It’s not a phone, it’s not a tablet or a laptop, just a mere peripheral: the LG LSM-100 Scanner Mouse.

Nestled away at the back of LG’s vast, mostly 3D focused booth here at IFA 2011 in Berlin was this delightful little device, which works as a typical laser mouse, but contains a hidden secret – turn it on and move it over a piece of paper and it scans it in for you at up to 320dpi, saving you the bulk of a huge, dedicated machine if you’re determined to move to a paperless office once and for all.

The LG LMS-100 Scanner Mouse can save in all sorts of format (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, XLS, DOC, PDF) and can even share your boring documents to Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps more usefully, Flickr, and it works on Windows XP and UP, as well as Mac OS X.

We had a go beaming something in, and were surprised at just how sharp the image is, with clear, flat text and no sign of the crumples in the paper. It almost makes scanning fun, like one of those

The good news? It’s on sale now in the UK, available for £87.49 on Amazon.

Out Now | £87.49 | LG

  • Geoff

    This is truly a fantastic tol – but it is not compatible with a Mac.

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