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Sharp‘s brought out something a bit different at its IFA press conference today: the Sharp Aquos Wireless Lifestyle telly, which cuts the cables while still delivering cripsy HD pictures to you anywhere within a 30m range.

Using wireless HDMI, this 100Hz LCD flatscreen can be used anywhere in your home or garden, the idea being that you could watch the football outside in the garden, or maybe a bit of Jeremy Kyle while doing some ironing.

While the screen itself is surprisingly slim and easy on the eye, behind the scenes is a set top box with four HDMI sockets and the ability to play files off external hard drives, and it can connect to Sharps’ Aquos Net+ service to surf the web or watch video on demand.

Sadly, it doesn’t use wireless electricity like some concept monitors we’ve ten recently – instead, you’ve got a battery inside good for two hours on a charge – but it’s a nice idea for a BBQ nonetheless.

As yet there are no plans to bring the Sharp Aquos Wireless Lifestyle TV to the UK, but nothing is set in stone, so watch this space. Or you know, click it, to see more photos.

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