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We’re live at Philips‘ press conference at IFA in Berlin, where the Dutch giant has unveiled three new docks for your smartphone. But – for once – they’re not for your iPhone: instead, they’re designed to work with each and every Android phone on the market today. That’s a noble plan, but there is however, one teensy weeny problem.

Given Android has now overtaken the iPhone in smartphone market share, it seems only right and proper that Android phones should have their own audio docks. We just wonder what took them so long.

Up first, we’ve got the €199 (UK prices are still TBC) Philips AS851, followed by the much smaller Philips AS351 (€129), and the circular, alarm-clock style Philips AS111.

They certainly all look the part, and don’t worry about compatibility: that micro USB jack not only pulls out, but rotates 360 degrees, so you can find a way to perch your blower on the dock. We’ve not had the chance to listen to them (it’s quite a cacophony here at Europe’s largest gadget show), but they look every bit as slick as the iPhone versions Philips has been pumping out for years,

There’s a little catch though: the iPhone’s 30-pin connector can be used to pump high quality audio out to other devices. The micro USB port on every Android phone can’t. As such, it’s just used for charging your phone, while audio is streamed over regular A2DP Bluetooth using a free app, Simply Share, that Philips will make available through the Android Market upon release.

That’s right: the same old standard you’ve been using to stream music from your phone for the best part of a decade.

We think we’ll hold out for Google’s Android@Home plans, but in the meantime, you could do worse than these docks – let us know what you think in the comments below.

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