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Mozilla is hard at work on Firefox for Android Honeycomb and Ian Barlow, one of the design team working on the project, has revealed a sneak peek at what it’ll look like. Following on from Firefox for Android, the new version takes advantage of the extra screen real estate with tabs optimised for landscape and portrait. In landscape mode, the tabs stay put in a sidebar while in portrait they’re in a drop-down menu to save space.

While it’s still early days for the Firefox Android Honeycomb UI, it mimics the rest of the OS’s minimalist design while packing in familiar features. The Awesomebar makes the jump to tablets but with its tabs moved into a left hand column to leave more space for bookmarks and your history.

Click the headline to see the full gallery of Firefox for Android Honeycomb screens and check out Barlow’s Flickr page to see the stages of the design process. Mozilla hasn’t given any clues on when we can expect Firefox for Android Honeycomb to hit the Android Market.

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    The war has been transferred from web browser to tablets.
    I am keep using Avant browser when firefox and chrome were involved in hot fighting. Now Iam thinking to pick a good browser for my tablet which in on the way.Still undecided between firefox and maxthon.

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