HTC is hitting London next week to show off future devices and Windows Phone will be top of the agenda, according to BGR. It claims to have heard from a little birdie within HTC headquarters that two Windows Phone Mango devices will make their debut on September 1.

Sadly there’s not a lot of new details to feast on. The source simply says the HTC Eternity (which was leaked last month) will have a 3.7in screen while the HTC Omega (which also popped up in July) will sport a 4.5in display.

Given that extensive specs for both devices have been leaked (hit the links above for our previous coverage), it certainly makes sense for them to appear next week. Rest assured we’ll be there to get our hands on whatever future HTC phones the firm feels like revealing.

Out TBC | £TBC | HTC (via BGR)

  • Anonymous

    HTC need to continue to focus on making great Android phones, not Windows Mobile follies.

  • Translatethis27

    Microsoft is the Biggest Patenttroll:(Who taught you to walk and talk. Is there anyone you pay patent costs? With the previous oligopoly that Microsoft has had so should not these sillypatents resulting in a rash.

  • Translatethis27

    Flash? Tethering? Dual Core?

  • Luke P

    I hope so. My Incredible is ready to be retired. I am hoping for a Verizon Wireless release on September 1st.

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