Android Market 3.1.3 leaked: adds PIN security and Google+ integrationA new version of the Android Market (v 3.1.3) has been leaked ahead of Google’s formal announcement. The update brings two noteworthy additions: PIN security to prevent accidental purchases and built-in Google+1 support. The next time you lend out your phone you won’t have to worry about finding five versions of Angry Birds installed when it’s returned.

PIN security for the Android Market has been been a long time in the making. Being able to protect our handsets from accidental or unwanted purchases is more of a necessity than a perk as far as we’re concerned. The addition of Google+1 to the market is convenient, but not nearly as valuable.

If you’re like us and have the patience of a gnat, Android Police is currently hosting the APK. Hit the link below to download your copy of the Android Market 3.1.3.

Out Now | Android Police | Free

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