All that talk of an iPad 3 launch this year may come to nothing. The latest murmurings from the supply chain claim Apple has cancelled orders for the iPad 3 in the second half of 2011 because suppliers simply can’t make enough high-resolution displays to satisfy its demand. That suggests the iPad 3 will not be seen until 2012.

The claims come from DigiTimes which says both Samsung and LG Display have both been unable to reach adequate production levels. Just last month the CEO of LG Display seemed to suggest its high-resolution screen technology with quadruple the pixels found in the current iPad 2 display is destined for the iPad 3.

While it would be remiss of us not to tell you what the Taiwanese tipsters are whispering about, it’s worth noting that this iPad 3 rumour simply contradicts a set of previous rumours. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the iPad 3 can’t be delayed when Apple hasn’t announced it yet.

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