iphone 5With the iPhone 5 allegedly due out late next month or early October, industry insider DigiTimes has come forward with its 2011 iPhone shipments and forecasts. The site believes 2011 iPhone shipments will reach 95 million units, a surge of 138 percent compared to the 39.85 million shipped in 2010. Even more impressive are the iPhone 5 shipments which are estimated to reach 25.5 to 26 million in 2011 — that’s more than the combined 2010 third and fourth iPhone shipments.

Here’s the official word, “iPhone 5 orders for the third quarter of 2011 have been lowered from seven million units to 5.5-6 million units, while fourth-quarter orders have been raised from 14 million units to more than 20 million units… Total shipments iPhones in 2011 will reach 95 million units.”

Just to refresh, the 2010 shipment breakdown was as follows: Q1 2010 8.7 million, Q2 2010 8.75 million, Q3 2010 8.4 million and Q4 2010 14 million for a grand total of 39.85 million for the year. During the second half of 2011 the source believes 56 million iPhones will be shipped, an increase of 150 percent over the 22.4 million from the year-ago-period.

Overall, assuming the report proves accurate, Apple is on track to blow 2010 iPhone shipments out of the water this year. The real question is whether component suppliers in Taiwan can keep up with the pace.

via DigiTimes

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