The HP TouchPad has just had a price cut in the US and looks like it’s struggling but the company is forging ahead with its next webOS tablet. The HP TouchPad Go, a 7in model, has popped up in documents from the Federal Communications Commission. We first heard about a 7in webOS tablet in January this year when it was referenced in HP documents with the codename Opal.

While HP hasn’t officially announced the HP TouchPad Go yet, the FCC filing reveals that it’s currently rocking a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor and 3G. Those specs could obviously change before it makes it to the shelves but it’s rumoured to be set for release later this month. Are you tempted by a more pocket-friendly HP TouchPad or have previous 7in models like the BlackBerry PlayBook put you off? Click the headline and hop into the comments to tell us.

Out TBC | £TBC | HP (via BGR)

  • Patrick Johnson

    I want this version 7″ is a good size and portable.
    Hope its no more than £300 or they can whistle..

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