Google has added games to its Google+ social network, meaning just like Facebook you can use it to play online when you’re not conversing with friends. And some of the titles are from big name developers who’ve made games for Facebook, such as PopCap, Playdom, Rovio, Kabam, Wooga, GameHouse, EA, Funzio, and Digital Chocolate.

Want the lowdown on all 16 launch titles to hit Google+ Games? Head right this way. But be prepared to lose a lot of hours…

Google+ is rolling out games gradually, according to an official blogpost, so don’t worry if the Games tab is yet to appear in your feed. It’ll pop up between the Circles and the search bar, so keep a lookout for it. Click it and you’ll have access to all the below games, click back and it’ll vanish from your stream. “Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t,” reads the blogpost. “If you’re not interested in games, it’s easy to ignore them.”

Though we don’t know who’d want to ignore this little lot.

Angry Birds

Yes, it’s online, on iPad, Android, and now on Google+ too. You know the score, fling the birds, destroy the pigs. Winner every time.

Bejeweled Blitz

A firm Facebook favourite, with over 10 million monthly active users, this is a puzzler along the lines of Columns on the old Game Gear. Match the jewels to make them vanish and earn points.

Bubble Island

Another Facebook classic, with just shy of 10 million people playing every month. You have to shoot a bubble canon and pop bubbles of matching colours.

City of Wonder

Smaller on Facebook than the others, City of Wonder sees you developing civilizations through the Stone Age, Classical Age, Modern Age, and more. Like an olden day Sim City.

Collapse! Blast!

Again, another less known Facebook game, but a gem nonetheless. You have to blast your way through coloured blocks in a series of frenzied 60 second challenges.

Crime City

This has over 5 million monthly players on Facebook, and is like GTA meets Sim City. So,  a bit like Mafia, then.

Diamond Dash

Very similar to Bejeweled, it’s another puzzler that requires you to match colours to do away with lines and earn points.

Dragon Age Legends

An epic RPG that sees you trying to prevent “an abomination from destroying the Free Marcher city of Kaiten in a hedonistic orgy of narcissism and opulence.” Which is our idea of a good time.

Dragons of Atlantis

Grow an army, and protect it with dragons. Play with friends and together you can conquer all of Atlantis.

Edge World

Another epic sci-fi game, similar to Age of Empires or Glory of Rome. And you’re guided along the way by an AI computer that’s sure to have teenage boys pleased.


Complicated colours-based puzzler in which you have a limited number of turns to spread the colours across the game space.

Monster World

Grow and harvest chocolate flowers, unicorn trees, and others, creating your own world. A bit like Farmville, but with monsters.


Numbers-based puzzler that took the world by storm a few years ago.

Wild Ones

Trash-talking bunnies with rocket launchers? Yes please.

Zombie Lane

Zombie shooter that’s great fun. Use shovels or shotguns to take down the zombies, and you can play with pals.

Zynga Poker

Classic poker sim. And the woman holding the cards looks a bit like Jessica rabbit, which is no bad thing.

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